Frequently Asked Questions

What team is my child on?

    Generally speaking, if your child is a freshman, he/she is on the Freshman squad. If your child is a Sophomore, he/she will be on the JV squad. Juniors can play on JV or Varsity. Seniors will be on Varsity. However, there can always be changes! Freshmen or Sophomores CAN have playing time on Varsity, and Juniors or Seniors CAN play on JV. 

When do the teams play?

     Varsity and Freshmen play on Friday nights. Freshmen play before the Varsity games. JV plays on Saturday mornings. Keep in mind, not all of the schools in our conference have JV teams. We do everything in our power to schedule as many JV games as we can.


What fees are we required to pay? 

     All players are required to pay the Sequoit Gridiron fee, the football camp fee, and the high school registration fee.  

What does all our fee and fundraiser money go towards?

     Player fees and fundraising go towards all the things that make our program run, and go towards all the things the players receive: uniform socks, shirts, shorts, 

How do we register for football?

     You are required to register on the high school athletic website through the Rschool Activity Signup. Your child will not be eligible to play football if they do not register with the school. You will then fill out the Gridiron forms and sign up to with us. 

What's the deal with the Football Fever raffle tickets?

     All players are asked to sell a minimum of 10 tickets ($200). Selling more tickets is great, and there are incentives for higher sales. Ticket sales are are a big fundraiser for our program and help with all the things listed above. 

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