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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does football cost and who do I pay?

Football Summer Camp,  DUE June 5th- $130.00

Camp runs from June 13th - July 27th  

This fee goes to the coaches.  

Options for payment -

Pay the school directly

Gridiron Group Website 


Gridiron Fee, August 1st - $100.00

Season Costs, including but not limited to - socks, name plates, meals, t-shirts, paintball/bowling.

Options for payment -

Gridiron Group Website 


Athletic Fee, TBD by School - $150.00

This fee will be paid to the school.  All sports require a school fee. You will receive an email from the school prior to the season starting and will pay the school directly for this fee. 


What if I can’t make it to summer camp, can I still play?

Of course.  However, the number one attribute that coaches preach in our program is "be present".  The football player that attends all of camp has a distinct advantage over a player that misses camp.  The summer camp schedule has specifically been designed to keep weekends free and works with the other ACHS sports to minimize conflicts.


What if I can’t afford Camp/Gridiron Fees?

Please contact Coach Glashagel or Sue Day  


What is 7on7 does my player go to that? 

7 on 7 is old school two hand touch football.  This is just for those players we are using at the skilled positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, LB, DB).  The only linemen who would attend a 7 on 7 is the offensive center.  It's a chance for our players to compete against other schools.


Football Fundraiser FAQ’s 


When does the fundraiser start and end?

Start TODAY!  April 16th.  Ends June 1, 2023 - No exceptions!

Players must send out 10 emails AND copy the Gridiron Group at, or pay the $300.00buy out.


What if the player does not send out 10 emails by the due date or do the buy out by June 1st?

Varsity players will NOT have a name plate on their jersey, and will not be included in the team event. Paintball.

Frosh players will NOT have helmet decals on their helmets, and will not be included in the team event.  ??? 


Can I use Facebook instead of/or in addition to the 10 emails?

You can use Facebook instead of or in addition to emailing, but you must take a screen

shot of the post and email it to Sequoit Gridiron Group

Please be sure to include your players’ names in this email so they receive credit for

their participation. 1 Facebook post equals the same as sending 10 emails.


Do I need to register my player with Gridiron Group if my player meets or exceeds the amount that covers this fee (or did the buyout) ?

Yes. All players must be registered with the Gridiron Group. It is the only way to gather

required player/parent information. If your player has qualified to have any fees waived,

a board member will reach out to you when the fundraiser ends to discuss refund


What if a player sends out 10 emails but does not raise any money?

You do NOT need to raise any money to qualify for the name plate, helmet decal or team outing.  The goal is for each player to participate or try to raise funds for the team.  They will not be penalized if they do not raise any funds. 


What if my player is on the fence about playing football this fall? 

If a player has not sent out 10 emails by the deadline of June 1st, they will not qualify for their name plate, helmet decals our team outing.

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