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All of our players are expected to help fundraise for their team.

We hold 2 carwashes in the summer (1 varsity, 1 frosh/soph) and have our email fundraiser drive before the season begins.

All players benefit from all the fundraising done via meals, team-building events, clothing, etc. Participation is required from every player. 


Carwash Dates TBA

1. Click the image below for the Fundraiser Info Packet.

2. Compose an email addressed to 10 email addresses or Create one Facebook post with 10 people tagged.

3. Be sure to copy in emails or screenshot Facebook post with tags and email to

4. Copy the body of the email outlined in the packet.

5. Include the following link in the email for your friends and family to click on.   Fundraiser Link

6. Don't forget to thank your friends and family who donate!

7. For those that choose not to fundraise you will have the option to “Buy Out” for $350 per player.   This covers your Gridiron Fee.  Buyout Option

 Be sure to 'like' the Antioch Sequoits Football Facebook page. 

Directions for the Player Email Fundraiser

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 8.31.20 PM.png
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