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All of our players are expected to help fundraise for their team.

We hold 2 carwashes in the summer (1 varsity, 1 frosh/soph) and will finish the "Team Challenge" fundraiser  before the season begins.

All players benefit from all the fundraising done via meals, team-building events, clothing, etc. Participation is required from every player. 

Team Challenge...which team can raise the most money??  Will it be the Freshmen/Sophmore or the  Junior/Senior team that acheives the team fundraising goal of $15,000? The team that raises the most money will get a team prize and bragging rights.   Let the competition begin!!!!

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Carwash Dates:  

Varsity:  July 14th

Frosh:  July 27th

Rainout Date:  Aug 17th

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